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Compassion & Trust

Noble Veterinary Clinic is a full service companion animal hospital located in the East Bay. Our veterinarians and staff genuinely care about each patient and are happy to make the extra effort to be sure that your questions are answered and your pet gets the care that he or she deserves. Our services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventative care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime.

Because of the shorter lifespan of our pets, we stress the importance of annual physical exams. Regular check-ups and preventative care can help alleviate serious health problems and can help discover problems before they become critical. This saves you time, money and possibly even your pet’s life. We are proud to use the latest diagnostic techniques to rapidly diagnose and treat your pet.

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Services Offered:

Comprehensive examination and consultation with each office call

Our staff evaluates your pet’s health status through careful consideration and questioning. Additionally, we complete a nose to tail hands-on physical exam to assess what care is required. Together, we formulate an agreed upon plan to achieve ultimate healthiness!


Not every vaccine is alike. At Noble Vet, we take a conservative approach and avoid unnecessary vaccines that some vaccine clinics promote. Our team evaluates your pet’s lifestyle and reduces the frequency of vaccination to ensure that no patient is over-vaccinated. Regardless of cost to the clinic, we use only the safest and highest quality vaccines. Further, we follow the Feline Academy of Practitioners guidelines for use and location of all vaccines.


Dentistry is truly an under-appreciated area of medical care as it relates to the overall health of your pet. Pets will continue to eat regardless of pain, disease, or infection. We constantly receive feedback that the care provided to our dental patients results in miraculous improvement in overall vigor for our patients. Come in for a complimentary technician evaluation and receive a financial plan for budgeting as needed to help your pet achieve tip-top dental health.

Nutrition/Rx Diets

Statistics show 80% of American pets are above their ideal weight. Our staff helps you determine the best way to find and feed the diet that is best for your pet. We create strategies for weight loss including the right amount to feed your pet. Some medical conditions require special prescription food which we carry or can help our clients establish a system to obtain.

Parasite Control

Fleas, internal bugs, and other pests can result in substantial distress and health issues for your pet. Some of these pests are zoonotic which means they can infest your family members as well! At Noble Vet, we provide the latest and most safe therapies which can remove these organisms for good.

Annual Diagnostics

Our team will establish a healthy plan of keeping your pet as healthy as possible. We believe that routine testing assures a normal medical status and can catch problems early so they may be properly addressed.

Laboratory Services

We perform basic or comprehensive laboratory services as needed. Our philosophy is to only do exactly the tests that are needed, and expand the search as needed to save you money and your pet discomfort. Laboratory services are performed using our quality controlled in-house lab equipment, or are sent out to an outside lab multiple times a day for quick results. Our doctors will leave no stone unturned to determine any problem a patient has.

Cardiac Monitoring

Your pet’s heart health is incredibly important. We use a stethoscope to listen your pet’s heart and evaluate the electrical activity. Some of the options that we use to confirm healthy cardiac function are advanced monitoring equipment (especially during anesthesia), radiographs (to check 2 dimensional sizing), or a 3 dimensional sonogram (performed only by a specialist).


We have a suite in our office dedicated to performing X-rays. We will often use mild sedation to relax your pets and allow for the best possible images. Results are available as soon as possible. Our veterinarians are well experienced and able to review them with you at that time. Additionally, we also use board certified radiologists to confirm our findings or to appreciate subtleties as necessary. Sometimes, these images result in the need for a closer look using techniques including ultrasound (sonogram), where only a board certified radiologist is brought in to provide the best possible, non-invasive opinion. Put simply, you will receive specialty-level care at non-specialty level pricing.


While we do not offer 24-hour attended care, we are able to keep and monitor patients stable patients who are sick enough to require hospitalization. The pets we treat often go home overnight and return the next day. However, a discussion of needs may result in further treatment with our close partners at the nearby specialty emergency care center.

Spaying/Neutering and Elective Surgery

We offer high-quality and affordable elective surgery. We are accommodating to your budget without sacrificing safety for your beloved friend. Our team performs lab work to assure internal organ function, IV catheterization for access to the blood supply to administer life-saving medication if needed, fluid blood pressure support, and the best monitoring equipment and training of our staff.

LOVE Spaying (Laparoscopy)

A LOVE spay is short for a Laparoscopic OVE (ovariectomy). With this technique, 2-3 small incisions are made into the abdomen and laparoscopic equipment is used to perform the procedure. Learn more about this procedure from our Laparoscopic brochure.


We are able to offer all levels of surgical care including outside specialists if needed. Exploratory surgery, orthopedics, and emergency surgery are provided. Our team works with the local specialty hospital/ER in situations in which their patients cannot afford care. We find ways to provide this care for the humane society as well when they over-capacity. We will do all that we can to achieve a mutually agreed upon solution in times of difficulty and help you decide the best path to take. As the only member listed for alternative reproductive surgery (techniques in spay/neuter) in Northern California, we provide spay/neuter surgery for patients from far and wide. Note: Our clinic will not declaw cats, but can help educate alternative ways to keep clawing problems in check.


We receive calls internationally about our high-quality rabbit, pocket pet (rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc.), avian, and reptile care. Our staff is highly-skilled in caring for most any creature under the sun! Fun fact: Pet stores use our services for these species. We also provide care for the animals at the Children’s Fairyland in Oakland.

Emergency Services

In case of an emergency during business hours, we are always available to treat your pets without notice. If there is an emergency after hours, please call VCA Bay Area Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Hospital in San Leandro at (510) 483-7387. Our team is always available to provide any background information or support for emergency specialists regarding your pets care, regardless of time of day.

Euthanasia (In-Office or House Calls)

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is emotional and can be overwhelming. The compassionate staff at Noble Vet is here to support you during this difficult time and ensure the process for your pet is peaceful and painless. Your pet will first be sedated to ensure they are comfortable, and once you and your pet are ready, the final euthanasia injection is administered. This typically works very quickly, with the Veterinarian confirming when your pet has passed on. We provide several options for the remains, including cremation and burial services, provided by Bubbling Well. As a keepsake in memory of your pet, we can also take a clay mold of your pet’s paw print so you can keep them close to you even after they pass. Please call us to inquire about euthanasia house calls.”

Adoption Consultation (No Fee)

Looking to Add a Pet to Your Family? Let Us Help You! You’ve determined that you would like to go with particular breed. While we encourage “adopt don’t shop” we do want to help you find the best place to adopt your selectively bred pet. It is unfortunately true that some breeders and even rescue groups are puppy mill or backyard breeder affiliated. You may end up with a furry love who is burdened with inbreeding faults, disease, worms or other parasites, due to the conditions they were bred and raised in. This is also true of special breeds that are transported from overseas. Unless you can visit the breeder personally it is really hard to know the true history. Consult with us to determine the optimal course for adding a healthy purebred pet to your family. Of course we are happy, at no fee, to give advice for adoption of pets from any source.