Let your Blank Flag fly

HOA battle royale:
CC&Rs, Rules etc have a paragraph about banners/flags etc and allowable time lines if non US flags are raised
It’s my wifes flags = pride, Cal football, BLM, world day …
Immediately the testy emails communiques by the teenie brained yahoo religious zealot to the HOA begins. 
“political statement” (no, social movement pinhead)
“diminishes THE flag” (it really doesn’t)
“against the rules” (quoted the first line of the paragraph, not the rest which actually allows it which the HOA agreed with)
He actually spoke at a meeting about being neighborly by taking issues directly to each other. I said “like our flags”. His response?
“Oh, that is nothing”
He persisted (behind our backs he thought) to bash, complain, argue his point to the board.
Ultimate irony:
His US Flag is tattered and falling apart!
As an Eagle Scout I’m well aware how one tatters the reputation of a flag when it’s allowed to fail into disrepair.

What strikes me about this in retrospect is how sure we get that OUR position is the right one, no matter what. I get that our flag choices are interpretable and if the HOA said take them down permanently we would have. But it feels like a relatively minor thing, live and let live. The other guy was so stuck in his position he is blinded to the fact that his flag doesn’t satisfy NATIONAL standards, never mind my acceptance or the HOAs.

Isn’t this so much what todays times are about? True polarization regarding issues big and small. It’s too too bad we can’t get together for more kumbaya instead of arguing to the death a biased POV.

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