Giving vaccines to patients is VERY important. One of the primary reasons people bring their animals to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, we vets have used this as the focus of our care, which is not the right thing to do in my mind. What is important is that I as a veterinarian put my hands on your pet. To determine if they are healthy and discuss their health needs. The vaccines are an important part of any health care plan, but not the primary part.

The industry has started to realize that maybe vaccines don’t have to be given as frequently. And that there are a LOT of vaccines out there and we don’t have to give them ALL to the pets ALL the time. Three year staggered schedules instead of annual shots are gaining acceptance as the industry standard. Side effects can occur, up to and including cancers directly caused by vaccines in cats and chronic stimulation of the immune system (which is what vaccines are formulated to do) may cause older age conditions.

So please take your pet to a veterinarian (NOT just the vaccine clinic, these are an unfortunate outgrowth industry that are not serving your pets’ needs, just falsely serving your pocketbook) and in thorough consultation determine EXACTLY what your pets needs are. Not just show up “for shots.”


No more “annual” vaccines for the pets


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