Testing, Testing

I’ve come here today now to share with the world some things I’ve been thinking about but never knew where to put them.

All things veterinary, great and miniscule. From a list of stories I’ve compiled in my email folder “Journal” – originally intended to house various interactions I’ve had in my life in veterinary medicine to share with those of my family to learn who come after me. To get to know a little something about me.

Also included would be the various humorous asides that come on a day to day basis. Spoken by our earnest clientele and employees. Sometimes the humor is obvious, other times one has to be there or take part in what we do to truly enjoy it.

But the expectation in sharing is to explain it as well, reflect on what is stated. Provide a moral without moralizing.

And perhaps also be able to educate which is our primary goal in veterinary medicine: clients about their pets, teaching all levels of people we come across and work with, as well as about ourselves in how we handle the daily trials and tribulations which working in health care brings.

This is what we are here to do.

One can also find us at Friends of Noble Vet on Facebook and @Noblevet on Twitter.


Carl Singer DVM

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