Quote of the Day

“”My male cat keeps mounting my female. I think he may need to be re-neutered”

Back to this again. People just don’t get it. Our client said this with all earnestness. There is a significant difference between the primitive urges of our animal patients and *behavior*.

Now, this particular pair of cats had surgery a couple weeks before so the question was about whether the original surgery “took” and the reality is that a castrated (neutered) male cat can impregnate an intact female for longer than a month after surgery because of hormones that take time to dissipate as well as the stuff that can impregnate to die off or be used up.

Does this represent someone not being able to compare themselves as a human to the animals? The biology is generally similar. Just kinda shaped different. Or is it a basic lack of education, or rather knowledge about how even this basic physiologic process works?



It’s all gonna be confusing if it’s about cats or sex, put them together and thank gosh for vets


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