Another in the long line of board posted statements made (Quotes of the Day), this time by a client:

“… and then he had a wound by his peenieweenie.”

This statement was humorous both in its specific use of the euphemism for the embarrassing anatomical area as well as the way this good ol’ boy (for lack of a better stereotype) dramatized just that word in a cartoony way. The poor dog did look a tiche taken aback (“do you have to discuss my parts?”).

It never ceases to amaze me the creativity that people come up with for organs or functions that are not easily discussed. Are these suddenly conjured up on the spur of the moment or the regular term used by this person’s family? Relates somehow to how they were raised? Is there a whole series of generations at BBQs talking this way?!?

The use of inappropriate terms (not the actual medical/physical one) also reflects a lack of knowledge in my mind. These people may simply not know what to actually call that “xxx” thing. They couldn’t pick it out of a lineup, look it up in a book or find it on the internet. Don’t really know what it does and in fact are kinda scared of it and would rather not look directly at it if at all possible.

Or maybe I’m over interpreting here just a little.


It’s a good thing vets are around to decipher what people really mean when they tell a story about their pets.


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