How to Handle Dogs

“Just go get him!”

Said the burly client, back when I was in vet school. He was referring to his dog, a big menacing Rottweiller (Rock Welder) that somehow had wedged itself under the relatively miniscule chair he was sitting on and was growling malevolently. I did not take him up on his suggestion.

As a follow up to prove that he was an authority, the client told this tale:

Apparently he was in security. The kind that proved you needed some by breaking into a building and then giving you plans on how to improve your system. One day while plying his trade he found himself in the vicinity of a large strong Doberman Pinscher which jumped on him.

This guy was big, huge even. His arms were larger than my legs and I’m a pretty good size myself. So the dog is on him standing up and biting at his face so he just takes the dog in a bear hug and squeezes until the dog passes out! When the dog came to the fellow had his tongue in his hand and after that they were perfectly good friends. This is how the story went.

The tip of the day was to grab the tongue of any dog who wants to bite me and I’ll be fine. Pass.


Brains over brawn anytime when dealing with an unruly pet


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