Funny Quotes/Racist?

At the clinic we write down those things we find humorous. Invariably these are things either clients or staff say. Usually not intentionally (to be funny that is). It helps to relieve tension and laugh at ourselves. Often quite morbid. I have noticed a trend lately:

“His Spanish has an accent”

“A hint of French! A french mexicans”

Now the way I was raised you simply did NOT bring somebody’s race into a discussion. To describe who somebody was or to differentiate them. It wasn’t proper and had no bearing. I constantly tell my high school teen that when telling a story he doesn’t have to mention the race of the person who he is telling a story about, unless it directly pertains to the content.

But I have started to see a comfort level of the new Generation (do they have a name, yet?) where it seems race is a comfortable casual thing. Especially because fewer are the standard check off boxes anymore. It seems a mix is going on and it is a good thing. It is almost Dr Seussian. Half white/half asian = whasian. Half black/half mexican = blaxican. This is really a very interesting thing.


The coming together of who we are as a people has beneficial effects.


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