Bunny MRI

One of the more remarkable stories of pet dedication to me involved a rabbit with a particularly daunting medical problem. One of which I had been unable to resolve on my own. Many people don’t get what can be special about a bunny, how interactive they can be or how much one can bond with them. This rabbit was especially well loved and his caretaker was going to spare no expense or effort to get him well.

Specialists were involved. A MRI was recommended to further suss out his condition. The place to do MRIs was conveniently located. Much to my chagrin, however, is when called the imaging center claimed “we have never done a rabbit MRI before.” To the caregiver! Now I happen to know that they do zoo animals so the fact that this wasn’t a cat or dog shouldn’t have phased them. And in my mind you NEVER admit to the potentially upset “parent” of a sick pet your limitations in this manner. This is a vet to vet conversation to be had behind the scenes.

Luckily said rabbit Mom decided to proceed and everything went fine (whew!) and the information necessary was gleaned. I ended up on the phone with the radiologist who read the MRI to discuss a fine point in the interpretation. He claimed to have personally reviewed 70,000 scans in his career and only 3 were for rabbits!!!

All ended up well. The procedure performed subsequent to the MRI was a success and the rabbit is currently doing quite well. I always appreciate it when my clients trust the process enough to invest financially and otherwise to do things that may not work but are our best chance and when things turn out for the best, that is one of the greatest feelings in the world.


Never underestimate a clients desire to do the best possible thing for their pet


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