Bad Reputation Breed

No, not going to talk about Pit Bulls this time. Though I also believe strongly that for the most part they have also been unfairly maligned. Today we discuss the Rottweiler. A large stocky black muscular dog with a thick head bred for protection and has a fierce appearance. On first glance many people are scared of this breed, understandably so.

I have certainly known some tough ones, but that goes for all breeds of all species that I interact with. Like any sentient being we all have our personalities, you know? But if I had to pick my favorite patients when I was a senior in veterinary school, they were all Rottweilers. Tremendously loyal, stoic, intelligent and remarkably loving – including towards me who was involved in some less than pleasant things with these wonderful dogs.

Which brings me to their name. And how they are misnamed quite frequently. Per Google search: people often misspell Rottweiler as Rotweiler, Rotwiler or Rottwiler. Some of my favorites that I have come across are Rotten Wilder, Rock Welder and the common abbreviation at my local shelter “Wrott.”

Ultimately a poor misunderstood breed who would surely be better off if people would just appreciate them for what they really are and not judge them based on their looks or the spelling of their name.

WIHCTU (What I Have Come To Understand)

It certainly is wrotten when any being is wrought (made) to be worse than they are.


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