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Dr. Carl Singer


Carl Singer, DVM
Since April 2005, Noble Veterinary Clinic has had a new owner, Dr. Carl Singer. Dr. Singer not only employs his managing skills but also utilizes over a decade of veterinary medical expertise. After completing his Bachelor’s at UC Berkeley, Dr. Singer went on to receive his Doctor of Veterinary medicine from UC Davis. Upon graduating, Dr. Singer worked at a veterinary practice that included over 6 doctors. For the next ten years he developed his knowledge not only inclusively on dogs and cats, but also with rabbits, hamsters, birds and other exotic animals that fascinated him. These experiences have created the deep wisdom that Dr. Singer practices with today.

Along with his veterinary experiences, Dr. Singer’s abilities reach beyond the clinical aspect. Even as a Los Angeles High School student, Dr. Singer attended classes through the nearby University, UCLA where he excelled in math. Today Dr. Singer juggles the many tasks of having a family, enjoying personal hobbies, practicing veterinary medicine, and owning a veterinary clinic. Dr Singer manages licensees for the Hayward and Oakland Animal Shelters. He also holds a seat on the CVMA Legislative committee, where he discusses and votes on policies that affect the veterinary community. A Large part of his life includes the epic tale of meeting his wife, Nancy, at UC Berkeley. Together they raise two sons, Brendan and Christopher. Dr. Singer is directly involved in the community by participating as a leader for boy scouts, assuming the presidential role of his local home owners association and being an active member at a Presbyterian church.

Managing Noble Veterinary Clinic has opened a new chapter in Dr. Singer’s life that is both challenging and rewarding. “[My] family sees me less but they know I am happier.” The rewards he has experienced at Noble Veterinary Clinic are countless and include the inspiration he receives from his clients. “The patrons of NVC continue to amaze me with their dedication to their pets in the face of dramatic medical, financial and emotional issues.” Dr. Singer collaborates all of his dexterities in providing excellent service to the community “The animals receive the kind of care I would want for my own pets and I'm able to creatively work with all species, rescued animals and the woebegone from the streets.” 

Registered Veternary Technician
Terrifically friendly personality who greets you when you enter Noble Vet, is going to breed Shelties.

Cleans the heck out of the place, a sibling to another staff member (hint she's a RVT).