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A few of the many special clients we've seen over the years. We would love to include yours. Send us a good photo and a short story about your pet to be included.

Email to photos@noblevet.com


I'm a med size 3 1/2 year grey & wht male rabbit. My 'parents' had no idea or clue the day they first laid eyes on me, that they would instantly fall in love and with out hesitation take me home to live with them. I am the love of their lifes and their isnt anything thew wouldnt do for me, I know because i get brushed every day, get to go out in the yard a few times a day ( guarded and supervised every sec of course ) have toys and a variety of fresh fruit & vegtables to pick from, and when the weather is to warm they cool me off every half hr with a cold 12 ounce aluminum can which is kept in the freezer by one of them slowly and gently rubbing it from tail to back of neck and against my ears for a few seconds. They recently brought home 5 boxes and cut out doors and windows and turned them upside down. There like lil houses and i love to hide just to see them hunt for me. I had my teeth filed recently and i was so lucky to have Dr Singer for my doctor. I knew right away that my 'Parents' had found me a wonderful, caring, highly skilled professional Rabbit Doctor and Im feeling like my old self again if not better. If i could only talk or write i would love to thank him and/or send him a card, even flowers (I wonder if he likes Carrots).
Sincerly Boobers


It would be great to get Grayson up on the website especially, given how much "Noble" time we have been getting these days. I am so appreciative of the great care that the Noble team has provided to help bring Grayson back to good health.


Yipee told me he wants to be included on your photo page. :)


I am a longtime patient and mancat to all the ladies of Noble Vet... most especially Nikky...
Dr. Soto, Nikky and all the wonderful people of Noble Vet just made me feel a whole lot better and I love them all and my mom is very grateful and thankful for all their skills, hard work and kindness. Dr. Singer is pretty awesome too...!
xxoo Bubba Love Rodrigues


I thought I'd send the pictures of Button (now called "Bowden" by his people) when we first rescued him from the Mission Hill Golf Course and from a few months ago at his new home.

Thanks for making his life better!



Hi - my name is "Gracie" Lingle and I would very much like to be put on the Noble Vet website photo page. I am still a puppy (8 months old!) and give my
owners all they can handle all the time :)


Hi we're Browni and Sunshine (Sunshine's the little one). We're both 3 years old soon to be 4. Browni came home when we was six weeks old and Sunshine was found walking the busy city streets by herself at the age of one. As you can see Browni loves his sister very much and the two get along very well. Ironically neither of them know that they are dogs and I guess you can blame their "mom" and "grandma" for that (smile). Browni and Sunshine are regulars at Nobel Vet where they receive excellent quality care and love.

Browni and Sunshine

Hi, My name is Cyrus. I was adopted from Sunshine Rescue when I was about 4 months old. My "mom" has taken all of her pets to Noble Vet Clinic. I tolerate the visits there but the staff is very caring. I am a healthy 11 pounds and only 1 year old. I love to play and play and play. White toy mice are my favorite. I don't like the black ones as much. Thank you Dr. Singer for take such good care of me. See you soon. —Debra McKasson


Rather than the usual "Meow" this cat would walk around saying "Nop ... Nop" and hence he got his distinctive name. I brought Nop Nop to Dr. Singer after having seen another doctor a few months earlier who, it turns out, misdiagnosed his being diabetic as just “getting old.” Almost immediately he was back to his old self again. In the following years he developed two major health problems, heart disease and kidney problems. He was expected to live at most six months, most likely less. With Dr. Singer's care Nop Nop was a healthy cat and a wonderful one to have around for another unexpected three years longer. In his spirit, temperment and his strong will to live he proved to be an amazing cat and I'll always be grateful for the great, attentative care he received. —Alan Voorhees



Discovered walking along a road by animal control, Chester was suffering from a respiratory infection when he was treated at Nobel Veterinary Clinic. Since then he has become a regular fixture saying “Hello” to visitors from time-to-time. Chester talks when he wants to, not when you ask him to, and seems to like talking to children the most. His name was chosen in a contest held at the clinic, partially inspired by a favorite food. —Noble Staff